The Muscle Mentors team have collectively spent well over a decade honing their craft in the world of exercise mechanics and its application to the art of hypertrophy.

The Phase 1 Camp will cover where every client journey begins in the world of training.

The Phase 2 Camp is where we go even deeper and see things in more of a practical setting.

NOTE: Both camps must be booked together. Attending only one is not an option.



We will equip you with all the knowledge and tools you will need to have in order to get your clients to function optimally, regardless of their goal when on the gym floor. 

The Phase 1 Camp will cover the following areas:

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The basics of machine and exercise analysis. How to actually make personal training 'personal'.

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The basics of exercise mechanics, from understanding forces, the role of inertia, strength and resistance profiles (© Tom Purvis).

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Foundational assessment strategies – exercise set-up, exercise design and distinction between active and passive ranges.

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Understanding musculoskeletal anatomy on an intricate and practically applicable level.

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The fundamental considerations underpinning programme design for maximising hypertrophy.



The Phase 2 Camp will see us stepping away from the lecture-based content and spending 80% of the time on the gym floor, the two-day seminar has been designed to cover the following areas:

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Advanced programme design, machine analysis and exercise design. Taking the precision of your training to the next level.

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An introduction into altering machine mechanics for increased exercise efficiency and the ultimate training experience.

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Muscle Mentor Client case studies – A step-by-step walkthrough of the evolution of programme design.


These camps will equip you with all the knowledge and tools you will need to have in order to unlock the extra few percent of progress when it comes to physique development and the training experience.

Whilst Phase 1 will make you the most efficient you have ever been in training, Phase 2 steps it up a further notch by taking your understanding of exercise mechanics to an even greater level of competence.


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