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What's Involved?

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What's Involved?

Hypertrophy Training: The Muscle Mentors way!

This is an experience, and experience is our greatest teacher.

You'll be spending two days training with The Muscle Mentors, where you'll be coached through the sessions by us.

Across the weekend, you’ll be taken through 4 intense training sessions, that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

We aim to upskill your setup, strategy & execution in every session you do.

Learn how to programme training, The Muscle Mentors way! 

All 4 sessions will be planned and discussed together.

You'll learn our approaches to:

  • Exercise selection & order
  • Appropriate assessment strategies,
  • How to adapt exercise setups for different individuals,
  • How to cue someone appropriately

And more.

And all in an amazing private facility!

The Camps will be held at the newest MK Health Hub in Birmingham City Centre - an incredible private facility that will be closed just for us!

This means no working around busy gym members. It's your playground!

Full to the brim of the newest Nautilus equipment, it is the perfect environment to come and get some amazing training sessions in.

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What will you take away from the experience?

How to get the most from your training

After this weekend, you're going to be approaching your own and your clients' training with a new, upgraded skillset.

Programme Design

You'll level-up your ability to write great training programmes with an improved understanding of how to select and order exercises during training.

Assessment Strategies

You're going to learn foundational strategies for assessing someone and getting them set up in an exercise appropriately and efficiently.

Cueing techniques

You will gain an understanding of the various ways we can effectively communicate with your clients during a set to get the utmost out of them.

The very basics of Exercise Mechanics

You'll learn some basics of anatomy to help you become more precise with cueing, exercise set-ups, and more.

Hypertrophy Training Camp - November 20th & 21st, 2021

£795.00 GBP

Our next Hypertrophy Training Camp will be held on

November 20th & 21st, 2021


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