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Our core courses cover the theories, practices and applications that drive the best results for you and your clients.

This is the coaching education you never had, but absolutely need!

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As exercise professionals, we have a moral obligation to understand as much about exercise as possible. Only then can we put the ‘personal’ in our personal training services.

We need to understand:

Forces, internal and external, and the effects they can have, both positive and negative, on our anatomies.

Anatomy: muscle attachments and functions, as well as the lesser understood world of joint mechanics. 

– Where we are weakest and where we are strongest, and how to use this to inform our exercise design.

– How to assess and optimally set-up our clients according to their own unique physical make-ups,

– How to programme exercise in the most efficient manner possible.

We cover all this and more in the Exercise Mechanics section of the Education Portal.

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Hypertrophy is, generally speaking, the area in which every client's goals can be found. Whether the goal is fat loss or simply functionality, having more muscle tissue is a part of that equation.

That's why, as fitness professionals, our understanding of Hypertrophy needs to be great. 

We cover everything that underpins a proper understanding hypertrophy, from the inside out, going into the required, but rarely seen depths of this science.

Given that proper application of hypertrophy is critical to our jobs these evidence-based lessons are a vital part of your continued development as a coach.  

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An area that is absolutely integral to our work as PTs and coaches, Female Physiology is often overlooked.

There are numerous things about the physiology of females that can prove body composition-related goals somewhat harder to achieve. We give you an evidence-based understanding of all that is required for you to get the best results possible with your female clientele.

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The lesser known third pillar to body composition and health (and more), sleep is an area you need to know about as a coach. People often speak about nutrition and training as the most important factors, but that fact is: sleep has the ability to affect our health and performance more profoundly than either of those two.

We give you this crucial, evidence-based understanding of sleep:

– How sleep works and why it is so important

– How disordered and deprived sleep can reek havoc on our physiologies

– How we can optimise it and use it to our advantage

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A great physique requires great nutrition. To get the most out of our nutrition, our digestion too must be great. For our digestion to be great, our understanding of this area must reflect that. In this section you will learn about:

– How the autonomic nervous system works, and how we can best optimise and manage it

– The various stages of digestion: how each works and why they are important

– Evidence-based strategies for improving digestive health, so you and your clients can truly optimise you respective health and performance goals

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