The Muscle Mentors Education

Elite education for Exercise Professionals in Biomechanics, Hypertrophy, and more. 

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The Muscle Mentors Education

Elite education for Exercise Professionals in Biomechanics, Hypertrophy, and more.

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We help Exercise Professionals improve their knowledge, their confidence, and in turn their careers.

Become the Elite of the fitness industry

Our education programme is designed to provide you with the skills and confidence required to be amongst the highest echelon of exercise professionals, constantly providing immense value to your clients and delivering results that blow people's minds.

By studying Exercise Mechanics with us, you'll learn how to view the world of resistance training in an entirely new light.

We'll teach you about forces, anatomy, and how you can use your expanded knowledge in these areas to improve your own, and your clients' efforts for muscle gain.

We are called "The Muscle Mentors" after all 😉

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Education is why we are here

We are here to help you truly understand the topics we are teaching and how they apply to your business and training. 

We are here to welcome you into our awesome community of driven, supportive and exceptional exercise professionals, who will also help access new heights in your career.

We are here to guide you towards becoming the best exercise professionals you can be, so you can be as successful and happy as possible in this awesome profession.

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Check out just a handful of the awesome people we've helped over the years:

Christina Markaki

Personal Trainer

"I cannot recommend The Muscle Mentors highly enough. The education they provide is industry-leading. They deeply understand what is needed to excel as a coach. They’ll give you all the tools and knowledge needed to deliver damn good results to your clients. If you want to up your game as a coach, these are your guys."

Joe Jeffery

Physique Coach, Fitness Industry Educator & Owner at Physique Collective

"The Muscle Mentors have mastered the art of taking complex subjects, and breaking them down into manageable chunks. Their education services have enabled me to advance my knowledge without once feeling overwhelmed, and their practical teaching methodologies have increased my coaching abilities many-fold."

Luke French

Personal Trainer & Fitness Industry Educator with PT Education

"Delivers on its promise and more: The Muscle Mentors Education has given me the knowledge and constant support to get better results for my clients. Ultimately, it’s been thanks to The Muscle Mentors that I’ve been able to grow my coaching business and make a real step-change in my income."

Greg Miller Burns

Personal Trainer

"The Muscle Mentors Education is a beam of light in the health & fitness industry! The wealth of knowledge and subjects covered is extraordinary. Here, you’ll learn in a supportive group and ultimately become a better coach. Luke, James & Paul are masters of their craft."

Our Vision & Purpose:


At The Muscle Mentors Education, we strive for a world full of exercise professionals who truthfully uphold the values of health, fitness, and education within their practices.

A world in which exercise professionals can access the information and support needed to ensure that they and their clients can achieve their goals whilst consistently developing their understanding of everything that goes hand-in-hand with being an exceptional exercise professional.

As leaders in fitness industry education, our purpose is to help as many exercise professionals and enthusiasts as possible by providing content that allows them to take their skills, confidence and success within the world of exercise to the highest of heights.

We are here to help you become the best exercise professionals you can be.


The Muscle Mentors Education


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Attend our incredibly popular in-person education events to hone your knowledge around the topics of Exercise Mechanics and Hypertrophy.

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Learn everything you need to know to be the elite of the health and fitness industry online and from the comfort of your own home.

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Want to learn a sh*t load about cardiovascular exercise and how you can use it more effectively in your own life and/or coaching practice?