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You can now access all of our combined 30+ years experience as online coaches and personal trainers, unlocking the best evidence-based information available in this area.

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Share in our lifelong commitment to physique and health optimisation. 

Gain a critical understanding of:

– Exercise Mechanics

– Exercise Execution

– Musculoskeletal Anatomy 

– The Science of Hypertrophy

– The Gastrointestinal System

– The Science of Sleep

– Female Physiology

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"Delivers on its promise and more: The Muscle Mentors Education Portal has given me the knowledge and constant support to get better results for my clients. Ultimately, it’s been thanks to the Muscle Mentors that I’ve been able to grow my coaching business and make a real step change in my income."

Luke French
Personal Trainer & Online Coach

"The Muscle Mentors have mastered the art of taking complex subjects, and breaking them down into manageable chunks. Their educational portal has enabled me to advance my knowledge without once feeling overwhelmed, and their practical teaching methodologies have increased my coaching abilities many-fold. "

Joe Jeffery
Physique Coach & Educator

"The Muscle Mentors educational portal is a beam of light in the health & fitness industry! The wealth of knowledge and subjects covered is extraordinary. Here, you’ll learn in a supportive group and ultimately become a better coach. Luke, Calum, James & Ryan are masters of their craft."

Greg Miller Burns
Personal Trainer

"I cannot recommend The Muscle Mentors highly enough. The education they provide is industry leading. They deeply understand what is needed to excel as a coach. They’ll give you all the tools and knowledge needed to deliver damn good results to your clients. If you want to up your game as a coach, these are your guys."

Christina Markaki
Personal Trainer

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What you will learn:

– Exactly what constitutes 'cardiovascular exercise'

– How beneficial cardio can be useful for health and body composition

– Why and how to programme cardio during fat loss phases

– A critical understanding of fatigue, overreaching and overtraining, and how to manage these within your coaching practice.

No Gym, No Problem: Master Home Training

You will gain an evidence-based and practically applied understanding of:

– The Science of Hypertrophy

– The Training To Failure vs. RPE/RIR debate 

– The important psychosocial and psychological factors that surround our exercise.

– An understanding of fatigue, overreaching and overtraining.

– How you and your clients can train optimally without a gym (during COVID lockdown or holidays).

– 8 pages of Home-based training Programme Templates.

– Why aerobic exercise is helpful for overall health, body composition and performance, and how to programme it.

– The mechanical considerations of various bodyweight movements

This book will enhance your gym-based coaching by giving you a new appreciation and understanding of what the human body is truly capable of.


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The Muscle Mentors Education Portal has been built BY coaches, FOR coaches.

We are providing the education service that Personal Trainers and Coaches never had, but ABSOLUTELY need.


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